Item #: CSD-005

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: [REDACTED]

Description: CSD-005 is only barely visible, and only in dark areas. It appears as a large humanoid standing 7 feet tall with shades covering it's eyes and a brown beard. The rest of CSD-005's features are too difficult to make out, and as such will not be documented.

As CSD-005 is impossible to contain, it can appear anywhere within Sector-████, though in some rare cases he has been seen in other locations around the station.

CSD-005 waits in the darkness with only a silhouette visible until any personnel get too close, in which CSD-005 grabs them and drags them into the dark. After being dragged into the dark, CSD-005 and it's victim are warped to a pocket dimension (CSD-005-1).

CSD-005-1 looks like an ordinary trailer park, though with no moon, sun or sky. Victims are forced to wait in this dimension until they snap and lose all traces of sanity. After the victim reaches this state, CSD-005 attacks with blunt physical trauma until death.

Because of containment being impossible, Sector-████ is to be heavily lit. In the event of an outage, the sector is to be made off-limits and all personnel are to be evacuated immediately.