Item #: CSD-022

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: CSD-022 is to be placed in a 32x32 room with heavy ventilation. All personnel viewing from the booth in the chamber must not interfere with CSD-022 while it is smoking.

Description: CSD-022 is a character with the appearance of a yellow sphere with red shoes and gloves. It's weight is very light making it capable of floating through the air.

CSD-022 seems to be addicted to drugs, always smoking a bong and dancing. Capable of speech, CSD-022 has a very high pitch voice and will often ask others if they would like to take a hit from his bong.

If CSD-022's offer is refused, it will proceed to mock the personnel while continuing to smoke. While dancing, CSD-022 commonly attacks personnel who are not under influence of smoking the bong, typically with his fists. CSD-022 will also attack any who attempt to steal his bong. In the event this happens, CSD-022 will go rogue and attack any personnel on sight.