Item #: CSD-039

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: CSD-039 is to be kept in a small ornate wooden chest approximately 16 inches large and out of reach from children.

Description: CSD-039 appears as a wooden boomerang detailed with a white, yellow and brown pattern.

CSD-039 inhibits no unnatural properties until it is thrown, in which it will always return back at the thrower, however, it will always hit the thrower's head, knocking them unconscious for up to 4 hours.

During this time, the thrower will have a very vivid dream.

Subjects with the dreams have reported seeing giant talking chickens, dancing kangaroos and [REDACTED] telling them to slay the evil dragon that kidnapped the presidents daughter. The subject (still in the dream) will receive an M60 and proceed to the evil dragon's lair, but typically does not slay the beast before waking up.

No subject has experienced nightmares or horrors from these dreams.