Item #: CSD-040

Object Class: Keter

Lead Supervisor: Dr. AJ

Special Containment Procedures: CSP-040 is required to be contained within a condo sized room with a large TV with surround sound, a camera, or capture card, several controllers, and a large couch. Subject may also fill the area to the brim with priceless collectables, it is unknown how the subject is able to get these items inside his cell.

Description: CSD-040 is 35 year old male. He is believed to be 5’7” *citation needed, and appears to be normal except for his beard and cowboy hat.

CSD-040 is prone to be incredibly violent and often attacks others when irked. His main method of attacks include him chucking several types of controllers.

PS3/PS4 Controllers: Controller is slightly smaller than the Xbox One/Xbox 360 controllers. When colliding with a person/object the controller shatters, causing a person to bleed. Fires the fastest out of the three, although damage is low.

Xbox 360/Xbox One Controllers: The middleman of the three, deals more damage then the PS3/PS4 controller but less than an arcade stick. Deals regular damage.

Arcade Sticks: The widest controller subject can throw, due to its size and weight it flies the slowest out of the three and hits the hardest, it often causes stun when collision is made.

CSD-040 has superhuman durability due to his size. He is also incredibly loud perhaps louder than CSD-014. CSD-040 is prone to yelling toxic insults to seemingly no one, however when he meets someone he begins directing insults at them.


“Kojima[1] is fucking cocksucker!”

"This is fucking bullshit!”

“Why is this dude using Akuma[2]?! What a fucking scrub!”

“You fucking nobodies!”

More recordings are required.

  1. Hideo Kojima is the Lead Director of Metal Gear Solid, a video game series owned by video game company 'Konami.'
  2. Note: Akuma is the Street Fighter character made by Capcom.