Item #: CSD-050

Object Class: Safe


Image of end product of Dr ██████'s morning toast.

Special Containment Procedures: Requires a standard pedastal or kitchen counter of sizes of 2x2 or more, with a functional power outlet nearby.

Description: A small rectangular toasting machine made of aluminum. The inside comprised of regular toasting coils.

CSD-050 is functional, able to toast bread in a duration of anywhere from one to three minutes. It toasts by lighting itself on fire, catching users off guard or scared.

The finished product is a toasted piece of bread with the image of the users face being assaulted by a penis expelling semen onto the face, which causes the user to be surprised, angry, and have a loss of appetite.

Several other imagery have been toasted, but the phallic version is the most common.

Further testing required.