Item #: CSD-075

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: CSD-075 requires no special containment procedure, however when it is tired, it must go to it's containment chamber for the night.

Description: CSD-075 has the appearance of a young adult male wearing white bathroom robes with light-gray socks in a wheelchair.

CSD-075 is friendly in nature and roams around in search of anyone who can assist his injuries. Upon meeting personnel, CSD-075 will ask for treatment for one of his injuries. (Which are seemingly random, from a broken leg, a cut open wound or a missing eye.)

When CSD-075 receives healing for it's injury(s) it will stroll off, and when out of sight, will disappear.

Upon meeting CSD-075 again, it will seem to have the same injury, forget all previous encounters with personnel and ask for treatment again.

CSD-075 seems to have Short Term Memory Loss, and if it's request is ignored, it will simply ask again until it either receives treatment or is outrun.