Item #: CSD-098

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: CSD-098 is to be stored in a room with a temperature of 15ºC or less. In addition, the item must be placed in a 3x3x2 glass container.

Description: CSD-098 appears to be a heavily-saturated blue apple. The apple is cold to the touch, though not lethal. The fruit also has regenerative properties. Upon taking a bite out of CSD-098, it will repair itself within two to three days.

When CSD-098 or a piece of CSD-098 is consumed, the personnel will display signs of immense pressure and pain within the lower stomach area, typically accompanied with a high rate of flatulence. Within the next thirty seconds, the personnel will yell in pain and defecate themselves with such force that their body violently explodes, sending their body parts and feces flying.

CSD-098 possesses no threat unless the fruit is consumed, giving it the Safe classification.