Item #: CSD-314

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: CSD-314 is to have it's chanter removed and kept in a wooden case within Dr.Rain's office. It is to be locked with a key that Dr.Rain carries on him at all times. The Air bag and the rest of the pipes are kept separately in a black case also located within Dr.Rain's office.

Those wishing to use the pipes for testing must get permission from Dr.Rain. Ear plugs must be worn whilst the pipes are being used.

Those who are under the influence of CSD-314 are to be detained for one hour until the effects wear off.

Description: CSD-314 is an burberry check tartan bagpipe that lets off an eerie blue mist. The mist surrounding the pipes are harmless to those who get within proximity of it.

The pipes are completely harmless to those who wish to play them and those who have a Scottish heritage, as it sounds like regular bagpipes. However, if facing anyone, they will also hear the pipes and they will be affected by the pipes. Anyone that's not being faced by the piper do not get affected by the pipes.

The effects the pipes put on those who hear it are varied, from becoming completely calm to going extremely berserk.

The pipes were found in possession of a Mr.█████, in the town of █████, who seem to be making everyone around him go completely mad, whether they were hearing the pipes or not (Mostly because they couldn't understand how he could stand outside every day playing pipes that, to them, didn't work). CSD-314 was taken into containment and Mr.█████ was brought in for questioning. Everyone affected by CSD-314 lost the effect after an hour of it being contained.

**Notes from Dr.Rain: Some idiot tried to play the pipes when I had my back turned. I heard it but for some reason it didn't affect me at all. When trying it on another personnel who had a Scottish background, they too did not seem to be affected. It might not affect anything Scottish at all. Any Personnel trying to use it on Scottish objects will find that it's ineffective.**